See your designs come to life instantly

At any stage during the design process, we can produce 3d visuals of the finished pack. This process is quicker and less expensive than producing mock ups and is particularly useful for demonstrating design variations.

Once the artwork is finalised, photo-realistic images can be produced. The results are ideal for pre-production marketing and eliminates the need for photography.

Product visualisation

If you’re developing a new product and don’t have product images, visualisation could be an alternative to having your product photographed.

Because the product doesn’t need to actually exist in its finished form, this means you can have images of your product before production even begins – giving your marketing an edge.

How it’s done

Taking the CAD data or ‘model’ of your pack and applying materials and graphics in our rendering software produces 3d visuals. The pack is placed in a virtual studio and the camera angle and lighting set – much like a photographers studio.